Gone are the days when people were chilled out, relishing every moment that passed by. It’s the super fast paced age now! One where one click, your bestie abroad is in front of your face, or the temperature of your home gets adjusted, and food gets delivered to your home!….no one has the time to wait. And no one pays heed to William Henry Davies’ words:

“What is this life ‘tis full of care
We have no time to stand and stare.”

This is the modern age. Filled with GenX, millennials and post-millennials, we have entered into a world where fake and virtual friendships are valued more than the real, genuine ones. And this is a world where we are connected, yet end up feeling alone. So, how can you improve the quality of your life in this scenario? I have a few tips…take a look!

Learn to keep away from your phone:
As much of a saviour it is, your smartphone is equally destructive! You don’t realise how much of precious time you’re wasting on fruitless browsing through countless social networking apps. We have this constant urge to update and constantly be updated without realising it’s not necessary at all. If possible switch to a “Dumb Phone”. That is the best solution and will put an end to most of your worries.

Join a Passion/Hobby club:
Don’t deny, we all have that one hobby or passion which we love dearly, but unfortunately, don’t manage to “find time” for it. Instead of wasting your time on superficial stuff, do something earthy and real. If pottery is your interest, go join a course or class or club. Pick a foreign language and try to master it. Take up any art form. Join a dance class. Learn to cook a new cuisine. And see the difference it will make. You will start spending more time improvising and polishing your skills, and this will be your ‘productively used’ time. And who knows, you may be able to make some money off it too!


Devote time to an hour of outdoor sports:
I don’t know which job on earth doesn’t give you the time for that special “me hour”. You have to take out time, no matter how busy your schedule may be. Join any outdoor sport, and you don’t even have to spare time for the gym. Swim or go for a run; any racquet sport is also a great option. But ensure you indulge in some kind of physical activity. It keeps you rejuvenated all day long and is a great stress buster.

Join a social service organisation:
Most of us are amongst the pampered lot. Always complaining and fretting over little things, we don’t appreciate the value of all the luxuries we are provided. So to straighten this out, you need to venture into the world and look around. You will find a lot less privileged people than you and will help you understand the worth of what you have been blessed with. Most of these organisations require volunteering more than monetary aid. If possible, try and make it a point to spare some time towards these organisations.

Bask in Mother Nature’s glory:
Nature has the ability to enchant and mesmerise anyone, but only if you lift your head off worldly snares and look at it! Go for hikes and treks. Nature walks, bird watching, wildlife photography are some of the many ‘nature-related activities‘ which will surely captivate you. Get together with a group of friends or a group of like-minded people with the same passions will also do. These experiences will give you survival lessons which no school, no person, book or article can ever tell you!

Just remember, a simple trick – Occupy yourself with things you love to do. I’m not saying remain entirely aloof from people and rest of the world. But just maintain your ‘me time’. It will give you the ability to live by yourself and help you learn how being alone can be fun, too! This will keep you happy, always!


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