Virtual world – that’s where we live! Snail mail is out of fashion, booking tickets on the platform are so passé’ and not being on social media apps makes you an alien! Anything and everything can be done – you’re just a few clicks away! But in this fast-paced world, how is one supposed to cope up? With constant changes and fluctuations in everything, is it possible to survive, to co-exist peacefully? Yes, it is! We have a few tips which you could consider in your quest to survive in this world!

Learn to cook:
If you’re equipped with the skill of cooking, you can survive anywhere in the world! You need not be a master chef and whip out delicacies of different cuisines; all you need are skills that are enough to keep your tummy full with some edible food! Also, imagine how much you will end up saving. Because let’s accept it, food ordered online or eaten in a restaurant is way expensive than cooking by yourself. Indulging sometimes is great, but make an effort to cook for yourself.


Get a roommate:
Instead of renting out a place all by you, get a roommate! Cost cutting and fun company are the benefits of living with a roomie. Plus, after a hard day at work or college, it’s really comforting to know that you have someone to share your troubles with back home. Living alone can be really tough, both emotionally and financially. Getting a roommate will put an end to all of it!

Master online banking:
It’s the need of the hour! Making payments, transferring funds and a whole lot of things can be done in the comfort of your home (or wherever you are!). Online banking saves a lot of time and energy, and hey, it’s great when it comes to emergencies! There are a lot of tutorials on how to use online banking services, and you must make full use of them to master it.

Learn to use Google maps:
You need not keep calling people and asking for directions to their homes or stop by and ask any passerby. Use Google maps – it’s a real help when you’re going to someplace you have never been to before! Learn how to use it and simplify your travels.

Try out learning new skills on YouTube:
You can learn a whole load of new stuff merely sitting at home – and that too free of cost! So why lose this opportunity? Make the most of YouTube and all the services it has to offer. You can also post some videos of your own if you have some skills to flaunt and make some money off it!

Online business:
Everything is available online. You can buy and sell both new and used stuff; there are takers for everything out there. Learn the nuances of online trading and you are set. You can even start your own business on a small scale. Or even otherwise, it’s a great option to buy stuff you need.

Communicate via Skype:
Skype or any kind of video calling is a real saviour, especially if you are living alone. Also, nowadays, interviews are also conducted via Skype, and you really don’t want to be that candidate who doesn’t know how to use it! Learn to use Skype and keep in touch with friends and family.

Essentials aspects of Technology:
You need to equip yourself with at least the basics of technology because technology is all that’s out there! Know how to connect to WiFi, how to use a USB cable, how to set up a wireless printer, use SD cards and it just goes on. Learning this will help you a great deal and will simplify your life to a greater extent.

Hope our tips were useful! Make sure you consider these tips and implement them in your life.


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